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sometimes i make things with words.

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The Ringer

Beyoncé Would Now Like You to Meet the Twins – The Ringer

They’re here! They’re really, really here!

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Missy Elliott’s Style Brought Black Women Together - Racked

Four trailblazing writers weigh in on the 20th anniversary of Supa Dupa Fly.

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The Ringer

The ‘4:44’ Exit Survey: Does Jay-Z Still Have It? – The Ringer

The Ringer staff ruminates on the beats, rhymes, and (extremely personal) life from Hov’s 13th studio album

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The Ringer

'Obsessed' Is a Beyoncé Relic – The Ringer

For the pop star, 2009’s ‘Obsessed’ is a rare misstep — which is why it’s so incredible

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The Ringer

Trey Songz and the Sad State of Pelvic-Thrust R&B – The Ringer

The singer’s last album was a major disappointment; the genre has mostly moved past corny slow jams. But who wants to live in a world without Mr. Steal Yo Girl?

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The Ringer

Who Will Win the Taylor Swift–Katy Perry Feud? – The Ringer

The long-simmering beef is finally coming to a head

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The Ringer

How ‘Everything, Everything’ Is Changing Young Adult Fiction

Nicola Yoon, author of the best-selling novel ‘Everything, Everything,’ speaks about her book’s film adaptation, Amandla Stenberg’s casting, and writing for diverse audiences

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The Ringer

‘Dear White People’ Doesn’t Know How to Reckon With 2017

The Netflix adaptation is a perfectly entertaining show that often feels corny and outdated

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The Ringer

‘Henrietta Lacks’ and the Limits of Well-Meaning Art

The Oprah-led HBO film is a moving portrayal of a black family’s struggle for justice. But is being seen enough?

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The Ringer

The TV Shows You Need to Watch Right Now – The Ringer

A continually updated list of the best things on cable, streaming, and everywhere in between

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The Ringer

The Music You Need to Listen to Right Now – The Ringer

A continually updated list of the singles and albums you should stream immediately

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The Ringer

What Does “NWACP” Even Stand For? Let Portland Rapper Aminé Explain in His New Video

The confident newcomer trades the Honda Accord from “Caroline” for something bolder in “REDMERCEDES”—and offers playful satire along the way

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The Ringer

What’s the Best Reese Witherspoon Performance? – The Ringer

From ‘Election’ to ‘Big Little Lies,’ Ringer staffers debate the best Reese performances

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The Ringer

The True Stars of ‘The Good Fight’ – The Ringer

‘The Good Wife’ spinoff focuses on a historically black law firm — and allows the show to examine social and political issues in a way its predecessor couldn’t

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The Ringer

A Comprehensive Ranking of Drake’s 25 Tattoos – The Ringer

Once he got a bottle of Drakkar Noir tattooed on his body, we knew it was the right time to take a closer look at Drake’s ink collection. “Tat on my ribs,” he rapped, “like I do not know what permanent is.” We concur.