Hannah Giorgis

Hannah Giorgis

sometimes i make things with words.

send questions and drake photos to hannah.m.giorgis@gmail.com, send hate mail to mars

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The Hairpin

A Place Where Everybody Knows Your Name

When I filled out a 30-day tourist visa upon arrival in Ethiopia, the country from which my parents emigrated over 30 years ago, the man behind the immigration counter smiled as he called me Hannah. Not miss or ma’am and especially not Hannah, the limp Western approximation of my name...

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The Hairpin

Self-Care & Depression: A Conversation

How do you take care of yourself when you're depressed?...

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The Hairpin

Members Of An Elite Squad - The Hairpin

Members Of An Elite Squad - The Hairpin

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The Hairpin

Documenting The Conversation: An Interview With Cecile Emeke

Watching a Cecile Emeke film is like walking into a slam poetry club with your friends and hearing someone spit lines about that sleepover y’all had the time you were supposed to be studying for finals. You know, the one when you stayed up watching Beyoncé videos and eating hot...