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sometimes i make things with words.

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The 19 Most Incredible Moments For Black Hollywood In 2016

Our picks for the best in black entertainment this year.

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Ava DuVernay Shows The Humanity In An Inhumane System - BuzzFeed News

With a tender portrait of one family in Queen Sugar and a searing indictment of the prison system in 13th, DuVernay deepens her career-long commitment to addressing injustice.

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LA Finally Gets Its Love Letter With Issa Rae’s "Insecure" - BuzzFeed News

The comedian’s HBO show celebrates the city with rich landscapes and a soundtrack that captures LA’s laid-back mood — and sticks with viewers long after the credits roll.

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How White People Can Support People Of Color Right Now - BuzzFeed News

Allyship isn’t a one-time thing — it’s a series of investments. Here are some concrete actions you can take to support people of color in Trump’s America.

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One Of The World's Best Long Distance Runners Is Now Running For His Life - BuzzFeed News

As marathon runner Feyisa Lilesa crossed the finish line to win the silver medal at the Olympics this summer, he raised his arms over his head in an X to defiantly protest the Ethiopian government’s treatment of his fellow Oromo people. Three months later, unable to go home or see his family, he contemplates the price of being a world-class athlete speaking out.

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Chicago Artists Are Making Music For The City They Want To Live In

Artists like Jamila Woods, Noname, Mick Jenkins, Malcolm London, and Ric Wilson make music that honors their hometown as it is and as they want it to be.

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How Black People Keep Each Other Alive - BuzzFeed News

In a world where any interaction with police could turn us into hashtags, black people remind each other that our lives matter.

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How "Two Can Play That Game" Flipped The Script For Black Rom-Coms

Fifteen years after the glossy battle of the sexes rom-com was released, we spoke to members of the cast and crew about how the film came to be, how it opened doors for a generation of black entertainers – and an iconic ponytail GIF even politicians use.

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17 Poems To Read When The World Is Too Much - BuzzFeed News

“Where does it hurt? Everywhere. Everywhere. Everywhere.”

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How Many Black People Can You Mourn In One Week - BuzzFeed News

To be black in America is to exist in haunting, mundane proximity to death at all moments.

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8 Black Women On Body Image And Societal Expectations

A conversation about our bodies, the messages we receive about them, and how being black women complicates it all.

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All The Best Pieces About Beyoncé's Lemonade - BuzzFeed News

The stunning visual album marks a new chapter for the singer. Here are the most insightful, complex pieces about her latest offering.

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Dancing Gives My Body Back To Me

In a world that demands that I straighten and shrink myself, I haven’t always been comfortable enough to dance freely. But nothing makes me feel more connected to my community — or my own body.

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Drake Belongs To Black Women

Champagne Papi’s public affection for black women may be both corny and calculated, but we still make him put in work (work work work work work).

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Why Do Black Women In Movies Have To Choose Between A Weave ...

Pop culture fronts like black women can’t love both a partner and our hair extensions, but it’s really not that deep.